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Portfolio Companies

Clients Funded & Seeking Additional Capital

 Mid-Atlantic Angels has successfully helped raise private equity capital for the following ventures.  Many seek to complete ongoing investment rounds or may accept additional investment.  Inquire via our Contact Us page for further information.

ePray, LLC – (Social Media) – ePray, LLC seeks to become the primary mobile prayer applications where users may simply post and share things to pray for.  It’s not just about finding friends; it’s about finding as many other people as possible who say “me too” and “I’ll pray for you.”  ePray is at the intersection of the search, social networking, and faith markets.  It’s where for example, cancer patients find other cancer patients. Where moms find other moms who need prayer and support. Or where thousands of users agree to pray together for natural disaster victims.  The ePray mobile app is Twitter-like and Pinterest-like.  Like Twitter, posting is fast and easy.  Like Pinterest, we integrate relevant, inspirational graphics for re-sharing. With the new ePray mobile apps series, people quickly and easily create faith communities for mutual support through prayer.  The ePray platform is Twitter-like and Pinterest-like.  Like Twitter, posting is fast and easy.  Like Pinterest, we integrate relevant, inspirational graphics for re-sharing.  ePray rolled out the ePray/Cancer app, with increasing success as measured by now reaching 20,000,000 people weekly, more than 30,000,000 monthly impressions, and having become the No 1 most active prayer-related page on Facebook for 2015 and 2016.  In fact, ePray/Cancer is the top shared Facebook page of 2016.  EPray/Cancer is making a greater prayer impact than any cancer organization in the world.  ePray recently captured initial revenue by closing an advertising agreement with Cancer Centers of America.  SCP helped close angel capital need.  ePray has formed a nonprofit, Heart a Cancer Fighter (like make-a-wish for cancer fighters).  Contact MAA for information.

FlowPay – (FinTech) – FlowPay® aims to be the market leader serving the $2.1 trillion nonprofit industry with advanced mobile payment and communications solutions and to be the nucleus of the non-profit and charitable giving process. Our key objective and customer problem to solve is creating a 100 percent secure digital transaction and the critical compliance and reporting needs of receiving organizations through our patent pending GMPS® (Giving Management Payment System) while creating pull/demand from individual donors. This is accomplished for the donor through increased convenience and efficiencies in both their giving and personal financial management. The FlowPay® system provides a host of benefits to the organization including increasing donations, reducing administrative overhead, and automating compliance and tax reporting for the organization and the donor alike.  Contact MAA for information.

BioFactura, Inc. – (BioTech) – BioFactura develops and commercializes high-value biosimilars (i.e., follow-on biologics or generic biopharmaceuticals) using its patented StableFast™ Biomanufacturing Platform, the optimal choice for bringing these drugs to market with faster, lower cost, superior-quality manufacture.  Closed $1.8M round.  Still have 50 percent tax credits available on additional capital.  Contact MAA for information.

InRoad Toys – (Consumer Product) – InRoad Toys features PlayTape®.  With more than 20 industry awards for innovation and creative play, including Parent’s Magazine Best Toys of 2014, InRoad Toys  has revolutionized the play surface.  PlayTape® makes it easier, faster, more fun, safer, and less expensive to creatively play on nearly any surface.  PlayTape® complements the most popular toy brands in the world, including Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Monster Jam, LEGO, Thomas, BRIO, and more.  PlayTape® is a consumable toy that drives recurring revenue and store traffic.  It can be found in major retailers such as Hobby Lobby and Avalanche Brands (Amazon).  InRoad Toys recently signed a contract with Mattel to market PlayTape® and was 2015 runner-up for Toy-of-the-Year.  InRoad Toys seeks $500K in exchange for a 10 percent equity to be used for working capital, sales and marketing, and further product development.  Contact MAA for information.

Triea Technologies – (Agriculture) – Triea applied technologies for converting chicken manure as an inexpensive and efficient source for temperature control of chicken sheds.  They were also researching extraction of materials from inert litter to repurpose as fertilizer.  Regrettably, Triea had to shutter its business in fall 2016.  Contact MAA for information.