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Mid-Atlantic Angels Role

MAA is dedicated to providing quality early-stage investment opportunities for accredited (SEC Reg D qualified) Mid-Atlantic region angel investors.  Strategic Capital Partners enables MAA to serve entrepreneurs and early-stage growth companies as a key gateway to capital, mentorship, strategic advice, and educational resources.

 MAA Membership Expectations

  • Take an active role in the organization by helping to identify, screen, and assist early-stage companies seeking investment capital
  • Devote time to participation in the organization and association with other members
  • Attend several of the investment and screening meetings and lend your experience and informed opinions to the discussions surrounding potential investments
  • Contribute to the operation of the MAA network, including actively participating or leading in due diligence, identifying investment opportunities, or serving on the boards of directors or advisory boards of portfolio companies
  • Intend to invest at least $25K each year into companies presented to MAA or in the SCP/MAA portfolio
  • Abide by the MAA Rules of Membership and Conduct (detailed on Membership Application)



  • Exclusive access to superior investment opportunities at Pitch Days and Screening Events
  • Opportunity to invest individually or co-invest with highly-qualified angel investors
  • Networking with other accredited investors
  • Access to the MAA blog,
  • Education and member social events throughout the year
  • Investment opportunities from similar angel investment through MAA’s membership in the Angel Capital Association and relationships with regional angel groups

MAA strives to nurture close relationships with other local entrepreneur organizations and to be an active participant in the Mid-Atlantic entrepreneurial ecosystem.  To this end, MAA maintains relationships with local business incubators, entrepreneur organizations, trade organizations for area industries, business schools from local universities, and early-stage investment professionals.  If you are interested in learning more about MAA membership, please contact one our directors or inquire at

Angel Profile

Mid-Atlantic Angels Member Profile

Angel investors are defined as high net worth individuals that fill the capitalization space between a company’s start-up Capital – usually referred to as “friends and family” – and the larger fund-based venture capital that serves companies much farther along in maturity.  Angels invest their own money, as opposed to fund-based investing found in venture capital.  Our angel investors are most often successful entrepreneurs themselves, and they share a passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed.

MAA strives to maintain a membership base with broad industry and functional experiences.   We prefer that all MAA members qualify as “Accredited Investors” under Federal securities laws; however, non-accredited investors may join MAA and participate in certain seed-round investment opportunities.  While all angels invest with the anticipation of a healthy return, MAA members also:

  • Enjoy taking a role in the entrepreneurial process and acting as mentors to entrepreneurs;
  • Invest their own money regionally and in relatively smaller amounts per investment than do venture capitalist firms;
  • Build and maintain a diversified portfolio and take a long-term view of their investments;
  • Are committed to the long-term success of their portfolio companies and wish to remain involved with their portfolio companies to the extent that they can contribute to the company’s success;
  • Understand the role of angel investment within the early-stage investment economy and the potential risks and rewards of early-stage investing;
  • Enjoy working with other intelligent angel investors to cooperatively vet deals, negotiate terms, and provide value as investors.

Types of Membership

Mid-Atlantic Angels (MAA)  Memberships are available to interested and qualified angel investors.  Membership also qualifies investors to participate in MAA co-investment syndicates.

  • $400 for Individual – For individuals; this includes invitations to all screening events, presentation meetings, member educational events, and social events throughout the year. Additionally, you will receive access to SCP’s investment dashboard, where members view applicant company materials.
  • $550 for Couple or for a Business – For an individual and spouse or for a qualified business; this includes invitations to all screening events, presentation meetings, member educational events, and social events throughout the year. Additionally, you will receive access to SCP’s investment dashboard, where members view applicant company materials.  A qualified business is a bank, registered broker or dealer, registered investment company, insurance company, licensed small business investment company, Title I employee benefit plan (per ERISA Act of 1974), private business development company (per Investment Advisors Act of 1940), or a charitable organization, corporation, business trust, partnership, trust, or state plan with total assets in excess of $5,000,000.

 Making it Happen

Mid-Atlantic Angels (MAA) maintains a contractual relationship with Strategic Capital Partners (SCP) which provides support to candidate ventures inclusive of deal screening, primary due diligence, marketing and public relations, professional consulting services, pitch development and review, event management and logistics, and coordination of post-event investor follow-up meetings with entrepreneurs.  SCP does not charge MAA for these services.  This arrangement is aimed at eliminating any conflict of interest among investors and candidate ventures.  The result is that MAA is assured a pre-screened, superior deal flow that reflects the investment interests of the members.  While MAA primarily uses an “opt in” method of investment rather than a fund, newly available to MAA members are co-investment syndications whereby investors may invest smaller amounts toward building portfolios of companies.  Crowdfunding will soon be offered by MAA.