A New Equity Capital Resource for the Frederick Region

  • Directly contribute to economic vitality within a 30-mile radius of Frederick, MD
  • Enable citizens of Frederick to have a stake in hometown businesses
  • Empower direct involvement in Frederick community development
  • Support local entrepreneurs and help them grow their businesses

Mid-Atlantic Angels has launched Crowdfund Frederick, which is its new program for local equity crowdfunding under Regulation Crowdfunding and Title III of the JOBS Act. In addition to our traditional individual opt-in and group syndication investment methods, MAA now supports local entrepreneurs whose companies lend themselves to equity crowdfunding to raise up to $1 million annually from their customers, potential customers, friends, acquaintances, fans, and social media contacts. Both accredited and non-accredited investors may invest in equity crowdfunding offerings.

Our angels provide the initial capital to fund the costs of an equity crowdfunding campaign for approved companies. We then provide resources, support, and referrals to trusted service providers and advise local companies throughout the process. We also have relationships with FINRA member funding portals who can post your offering and provide access to additional investors. The funds invested from our members go toward the cost of your advertising campaign, accounting, legal, and escrow costs.

MAA investors are able to take advantage of unique opportunities to invest at an early stage and at a lower valuation in a company that has a high likelihood to be able to raise additional capital in an equity crowdfunding offering. We vet the companies that participate in this program and seek to find companies with large affinity groups and a high likelihood of being able to raise capital successfully in an equity crowdfunding offering.

Entrepreneurs interested in pursuing capital via Crowdfund Frederick equity crowdfunding are invited to inquire by clicking on the “Entrepreneur Inquiries” button on our homepage and following the inquiry directions (indicate your interest in crowdfunding). We will reply usually within 48 hours to explain the process. Essentially, candidate companies will initially go through the regular MAA screening process applying our 20-factor assessment criteria followed by a determination of suitability for equity crowdfunding.