Investors committed to private equity investment success

Mid-Atlantic Angels connects investors to emerging technology business ventures.

Special Lingo

Private equity investing has its own language…portfolios, convertible notes, leveraging, crowdfunding, angel investors, pitches, capitalization, private equity, business plans, term sheets, bridge capital, tranches…these are all terms with which savvy entrepreneurs and wise investors quickly become familiar.  Key to the Mid-Atlantic Angels mission is striving to ensure that its investors are educated in the private equity arena.

Connecting Investors & Entrepreneurs

We introduce private investors to early-stage business ventures primarily through angel events. We also participate in smaller meetings with interested investors in which entrepreneurs seeking equity are asked probing questions appropriate to serious investment. Educated investors are essential to ensuring an optimum private equity investment environment, so we strive to provide access to education resources for our investor members. Mid-Atlantic Angels is organized for the purposes of:


Bringing together angel investor members and early-stage companies seeking capital.


Affording investors access to investment in qualified entrepreneurial ventures through angel events and small group investment opportunities.


Enabling access to investor education primarily through our blog, in-house events, and membership in the Angel Capital Association (ACA) and its Angel Resource Institute.


Delivering events for promoting entrepreneurship programs and private equity investment in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Mid-Atlantic Angels is a membership-based organization, and interested investors can learn more by clicking on the investor membership or investor inquiry links.

What’s an Angel?

Angel investors are defined as high net worth individuals that fill the capitalization space between a company’s start-up Capital – usually referred to as “friends and family” – and the larger fund-based venture capital that serves companies much farther along in maturity.  Angels invest their own money, as opposed to fund-based investing found in venture capital.  Our angel investors are most often successful entrepreneurs themselves, and they share a passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed.

MAA strives to maintain a membership base with broad industry and functional experiences.   We prefer that all MAA members qualify as “Accredited Investors” under Federal securities laws; however, non-accredited investors may join MAA and participate in certain seed-round investment opportunities such as crowdfunding.  While all angels invest with the anticipation of a healthy return, MAA members also:

  • Enjoy taking a role in the entrepreneurial process and acting as mentors to entrepreneurs;
  • Invest their own money regionally and in relatively smaller amounts per investment than do venture capitalist firms;
  • Maintain a diversified portfolio and take a long-term view of their investments;
  • Are committed to the long-term success of their portfolio companies and wish to remain involved with their portfolio companies to the extent that they can contribute to the company’s success;
  • Understand the role of angel investment within the early-stage investment economy and the potential risks and rewards of early-stage investing;
  • Enjoy working with other intelligent angel investors to cooperatively vet deals, negotiate terms, and provide value as investors.

Mid-Atlantic Angels (MAA) is a vibrant, dynamic part of the economic engine that drives the Mid-Atlantic region.  Headquartered in Frederick, MD and serving investors and entrepreneurs across the region, we are comprised of intellectually curious accredited investors who recognize the entrepreneurial passion and commitment essential to business success.  These high net worth individuals are willing to invest their own resources in promising emerging technology ventures.  The result: since early 2014, MAA investors have invested more than a million dollars in several early-stage companies.

The MAA is the most active angel organization in central Maryland and one of the most active in the Mid-Atlantic region.  MAA is committed to:

  • Accessing quality early-stage investment opportunities for accredited angel investors
  • Ensuring that its members are fully educated in optimum investment strategies
  • Serving entrepreneurs and early-stage growth companies as a key source of Capital, mentorship, strategic advice, and educational resources.

Core Values:

MAA stands by the values that respect the privacy of its members.  Core values by which the group operates include treating partners and employees with utmost trust, respect, and love while recognizing that this translates directly into how customers are treated; always following Luke 6:31, “Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them;” encouraging creativity and enthusiasm throughout the organization; being committed to excellence throughout all functions of the company; having a positive attitude to inspire extraordinary effort; operating with responsibility and accountability in finding the optimum solutions to all matters concerning the company, clients, and partners; striving to serve those in need; maintaining a humble but confident posture in all business dealings; and partnering with and hiring the right people in the right functions.

 Key Statistics: MAA…

  • Offers access to more than 50 angel investors from almost every industry background and functional expertise
  • Investors have invested more than $1.4 million in five companies (new and follow-on investment)
  • Will deliver five capital cycles for 2017, where startup companies are formally screened and evaluated for investment by MAA members
  • Now offers regulation equity crowdfunding for start-up companies


MAA was founded in 2015 by a small group of local investors and community leaders who believed that early-stage investing could provide a meaningful return for investors while also spurring local economic growth.  MAA was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 2015 and changed to an LLC in 2017.  Individual members of the organization have volunteered their time and expertise to review potential investments, assist entrepreneurs, and take care of administrative duties.  The Mid-Atlantic region benefits from having an organized group of angels that aid local entrepreneurs in need of capital and/or expertise to build their businesses.  In an era when venture capital groups are reluctant to fund early-stage start-ups, angels are a vital capital option that keeps the start-up environment thriving.  In the Mid-Atlantic region, there is a large pool of high-net-worth individuals with business experience who are looking for investment opportunities and who enjoy being involved with entrepreneurial ventures.

 Management:  MAA has a fully engaged, five-member Board of Directors whose time, efforts, and involvement allow MAA to fulfill its mission for investors and entrepreneurs.

Board of Directors:

Lou Bevilacqua

Mark Greathouse

Brett Hess

Scott Ryser

Greg Snook


See our Capital Cycles page for upcoming angel investment events. Mid-Atlantic Angels also features the AngelWonk blog aimed at educating the angel investment and entrepreneurial communities on private equity investing. We strive to promote a thriving regional economy through active participation with business and educational organizations.

Making it Happen

Mid-Atlantic Angels (MAA) provides in-house and contracted consultant support to candidate ventures inclusive of deal screening, primary due diligence, marketing and public relations, professional consulting services, pitch development and review, event management and logistics, and coordination of post-event investor follow-up meetings with entrepreneurs.   The result is that MAA investors are assured a pre-screened, superior deal flow that reflects the investment interests of the members.  While MAA primarily uses an “opt in” method of investment rather than a fund, also available to MAA members are co-investment syndications and equity crowdfunding whereby investors may invest smaller amounts toward building portfolios of companies.

Educational Blog

Mid-Atlantic Angels participates in the AngelWonk blog designed to educate and inform our constituencies, including investors, entrepreneurs, our partner organizations, regional incubators, university entrepreneurial programs, and independent networks. Content includes original educational material, links to articles published in various investor business news sources, event calendar reminders, and similar material.